To the Chefs

One thing that I learned during my small stint in the industry was the requirements and challenges of the chef. Be it the size of the rocket you like or the need for specific types of baby vegetables, we have it covered. 

Our offering is seasonal and some of the items at their peak are available only for a short period of time. We bring a unique mix of Edible Flowers, Microgreens, Exotic Vegetables, Salad leaves, Mushrooms, and Ferments. 

Achintya Anand

Farm Visits

We encourage our partner chefs to visit our farms and take a tour to understand what goes behind growing the much loved produce.

We encourage visits during the winter season when the farm is lush green and beautiful.


Our focus remains on ensuring that not only is the product grown using the right sustainable practices, but also that the right post-harvest handling processes are implemented to ensure it reaches the kitchens fresh and with ample shelf life. 

Payment terms

We follow a strict "No Credit" policy. We want to focus our time and energy on providing you with the best. We offer 2% discount on the over-all bill against Cash on Delivery.