How it works?

  • We are team of young people working to bring the freshest and unique ingredients straight from our farms to your table. 

  • We have our own farms in Chattarpur and Faridabad. We work with various like minded farmers in North India. 

  • The produce is harvested, graded, packed as per your requirement and delivered to you the same day as harvest. 

  • Our offering is constantly changing with the season.

  • You can get to know what is available currently by clicking on the link for the order form.

  • You can place your order on the order form or you can choose what you like and place the order on WhatsApp (+919871015500/ +918076436240). 

  • You will hear from us once you have placed the order. We deliver to Gurgaon on Monday / Wednesday/ Saturday,  Delhi on Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday and Noida on Thursdays. 

Creations of Krishi Cress Home Cooks